The Project & Mission
The Global Resolutions Initiative is large scale social impact event created to mobilize a resolutions for a better world.

The Mission

Our mission is to facilitate a sustainable, kinder world. We’re focused on driving awareness, and inspiring massive actions around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS).

Together with our global partners, we move forward aggregating compelling stories and driving collaboration initiatives that educate and promote sustainable action. We pride ourselves in leveraging systemic integral strategies led by a creative team that values uplifting a global society.

We believe that inspirational entertainment has the power to deepen our experience of our interconnectedness. We’re committed to positive impact through a continued vision to research, develop and produce quality experiences. We are working with leading thinkers in emerging social paradigms and technologies, memetic consultants, integral strategists, experts in television and film, live event productions and sustainability champions in creating meaningful experiences that educate and touch the human spirit. Our mission is to aggregate crowds for social good.

The Project

The Global Resolutions Initiative is large scale social impact event created to mobilize resolutions/actions for a better world. The campaign invites global citizens to celebrate ‘possibility,’ and stand in solidarity for a sustainable future. The event will ignite a global wave of support for the Sustainable Development Goals and raise funds for the global Water Resolve.

Together with like-minded individuals from all genders, cultures, ages, and cities around the world, we are building towards powerful New Year’s Eve call-to-action celebration event.  In leveraging the spirit of resolution making and leveraging the power of social media and new communication tools, we aim to raise 1 Billion Voices of solidarity, and challenge a global audience to take part in shaping a better world. Through our growing partnerships, global ambassadors and global citizens,  will stand together ushering in a better world that can work for everyone.

Never before have all avenues of mainstream media: social media, crowdsourcing, television, live events and word of mouth come together to disrupt for greater possibility.  Join Us

“We can crowdsource the force to really build that constituency that’s going to reinvigorate global governance in the 21st Century.” ~Jaime Drummon

Why New Year’s Eve is the perfect access point

The Gregorian New Year is the most widely observed non-religious day of the year, inherent with the spirit of celebration and ‘resolutions making’. It’s a time of reflection on by-gone-days, and it carries with it a sense of new beginnings and hope. This makes it the perfect access point for catalyzing an epic, globally unifying, call-to-action celebration event.

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Driving The Goals

Partners & Platform

Driving the Sustainability Development Goals: Together with our strategic partners, we aim to share in global conversations throughout 2017 as we build toward the New Year. Themes will include systemic solutions, crowdsourcing, innovation, and exploring ways in which community can support and resolve today’s most pressing challenges. Platform: Our platform will leverage gamification, collaboration tools & technologies, mobile apps and interactive events. Partners and Global Ambassadors will participate in socially dynamic and entertaining events throughout the year. Our ecosystem of elegantly moving parts will continue to fuel the mission throughout the year. These events will be announced in the coming months.

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