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Caitlin Figueiredo

GlobalResolutions, World Vision – VGen ACT Director, UN & Merit360 Ambassador

Caitlin FigueiredoCaitlin Figueiredo is a BIG picture idealist – her mission is to empower individuals from all walks of life to rally together to end social injustice within her lifetime. She believes every man, woman and child deserve to have the same opportunities, as one another and no one should ever be stigmatised due to their backgrounds or beliefs. Everything she does is for the purpose of creating an equal and fair world.

Growing up in the Nation’s Capital Canberra, Caitlin realised from a young age her hearts calling was to serve. Driven by her infectious optimism and passion, Caitlin is often found advocating for issues close to her heart including human and animal rights and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Now at 20 years of age, Caitlin is undertaking a double degree in Laws (Honours) and International Development from the Australian National University.

I am passionate about human rights and the Sustainable Development Goals. Everything I do is for the purpose of creating an equal and fair world.

Currently Caitlin works with World Vision Australia as their VGen (Vision Generation) ACT Director. In her role she leads a passionate, game-changing tribe who refuse to accept poverty as part of their generation’s legacy. Her organisation influences Australian government, business and culture through their grassroots campaigning and advocacy. In early 2016 Caitlin represented Australia and travelled to Cambodia with World Vision to help establish the country’s first ‘Youth Leadership Council’, attend the Australian and Cambodian Youth Forum, visit World Vision’s development programs and continue advocating ending child labour. Within her role with World Vision, Caitlin has also stepped up to the plate to become the youngest Team Leader for the Campaign for Australian Aid (a Coalition of Australia’s 50 leading development and aid organisations). Through persuasive story telling, Caitlin and her team regularly travel within country to advocate for Australian Aid in order to break down the barriers of poverty. Through her specialisation in event organisation, public speaking and advocacy, Caitlin organises a number of strategic events that influence the Australian public, Government members and International leaders on the importance of aid.

As a multi award-winning artist, Caitlin realised the power of creative peace building and it’s capacity to transform the lives of marginalised women and children from around the world. Recognising how underutilised the arts are in developing countries, she founded Pakistan’s first ‘Arts for Peace’ initiative alongside her friend Francis Ventura. The Arts for Peace mission is to bring communities together and empower women and youth through creative peace building. The program aims to unleash the creativity of Peshawar’s children and women, showcasing their talents to the world; use the Arts to promote education, build cultural links between people in Pakistan and Australia; empower and improve the employability of women in Peshawar by providing them with skills and confidence; and in the context of issues of violence and division plaguing the world, demonstrate that a common humanity can prevail between different cultures, with the Arts as a mediator.

Recently, Caitlin has been accepted to represent Australian Youth at the United Nation’s Youth Assembly in New York City and Merit360 – where she will lead and influence hundreds of thousands of youth from around the World and within World Merit to ensure that everyone is taking action and ensuring a better world for all. Merit360 is the worlds most significant program for global citizens wanting to tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In teams, Caitlin will develop a proposal for the United Nations on Goal 4 –quality education. Her final proposal will be implemented within the United Nations Members States. Caitlin strongly believes inclusive and equitable quality education is the foundation of eradicating world inequalities, improving sustainability and the foundation to the success of the 17 Global Goals.

As an Australian representative, Caitlin represents Australian youth and provides a platform for youth to engage with the Global Goals on a local, national and international level. By engaging youth and leaders from around the world Caitlin aims to connect hearts and minds together to achieve her vision of a sustainable, peaceful and just world.

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