Ambassador - San Francisco

Tara Byrne

Conference Director of EarthCon | Founder of Under 30 Changemakers

Tara Byrne
Tara is a connector, social entrepreneur, and cross-sector partnership expert, is the founder of Under 30 Changemakers– a community of over 1500 social entrepreneurs, whistleblowers, inventors, and coders who are creating solutions to the world’s biggest issues.  She supports those who lead movements for change, providing facilitated emotional and mental support group and mentorship by leading social impact professionals. She has initiated over 50 global cross-sector partnerships for non-profit and for-profit collaboration.

Tara envisions a connected world where young changemakers can live, work, and learn anywhere that helps them grow into intentional global leaders.


0b834528-199e-4191-9208-e472a2e0fba6-large-1I wanted a place where people could create their own life, discard the status quo, and impact the underserved on a massive scale, all while being surrounded by those who would fight alongside them. My purpose is to empower Changemakers to have the humility to see the world as it really is, and the audacity to change it into what it could be – Tara Byrne


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As a Global Resolutions Ambassador, Tara facilitates global partnerships and distribution opportunities for the Global Resolutions Initiative.  She also creates connections and collaborative opportunities for fellow GR Ambassadors.  Tara is a mover and shaker enthusiastically championing the Global Resolutions Mission 

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