Goals 16 – Peace And Justice

Goal 16: Peace and Justice

“It can be argued that the SDG 16 goal is the most important goal, without which none of the other goals can be sustained.” The Institute of Economics and Peace’s 2015 Global Peace Index Report finds that “the world is less peaceful today than it was in 2008. Our world has become increasingly divided with some countries enjoying unprecedented levels of peace and prosperity while others spiral further into violence and conflict.” Please join the awareness initiative and visit UN/Peace & Justice to learn more about promoting peace, justice, and inclusive societies.  Join the community.  Make promoting peace your resolve.



The most up-to-date and comprehensive report on women, peace, and security was launched at the UN coinciding with the 15th of the landmark UN Security Council resolution, highlighting the importance of gains made by empowering women in peacebuilding efforts. “Women’s leadership and equality are key to international peace and security.” “Evidence shows that when women are at the peace tables, their participation brings a higher rate of peace agreement, adding that “squandering the potential dividends has never been more costly.”


Our world has witnessed an increase in terrorism in Gaza, Iraq, Syria, parts of African, civil unrests in the United States, and most recently in Europe. SDG 16 focuses on ending wars, reducing violence and access to justice. It also addresses corruption, bribery, transparency, fundamental freedoms, and participatory decision-making important drivers of conflict. “Businesses cannot thrive in turbulent societies and social instability can be disruptive of global markets.” “Social strife and violent conflicts disrupt production, sales and investment.”

The UNGC reports that in 2014, global economic losses due to violent conflict amounted to over $9.8 trillion. Corporations can make significant contributions by incorporating practices which address human rights, bribery, corruption, equal access, and opportunities and are conflict-sensitive and fair. Establishing peaceful and inclusive societies is a herculean task and must have buy-in from governments, businesses, and all communities.

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My #GlobalResolution is to support #SDG No.17, #Peace&Justice @WeResolveChange #SDG

Tweet: My #GlobalResolution is to support #SDG No.17, #Peace&Justice @WeResolveChange #SDG

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